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  • To maintain uniformity between menu concepts and pricing with centralized management controls
  • To keep record of plethora of dishes under fast, flexible, efficient and healthy recipe creation
  • To accurately calculate the orders and menus to get optimal menu pricing
  • To convert orders into invoices instantly
  • Interfacing invoices with food purveyors ordering system for details regarding price and ingredients
  • To compare multiple bids and real-time pricing data
  • To analyze sales and ensure necessary items are handy
  • To calculate nutritional information of the recipes instantly using the pre-loaded nutritional data of the ingredients
  • Use advance technology to reduce labor costs and increase efficiencies


Recipe & Menu costing

This feature helps canteen authorities to quickly calculate a food service menu. Recipe and menu costing help to maximize profits through calculating recipe costs, cutting down on waste, reduce labor hours and track inventory effectively.

Nutritional Analysis

Eat healthy!
Stay healthy!
Nutritional values for the recipes can be easily calculated. It helps to meet the demands of both health requirements and health conscious customers. Consumers all over the world are often conscious of the presence of allergens in the foods they consume. Without this system, this process of analyzing recipes and storing information could be a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Inventory Control

The food inventory represents a significant investment of money and time. This feature allows you to see changing food costs, quickly calculate the total value of goods in inventory, make changes to your desired food cost, compare sales and purchase information.

Sales Analysis

Sales details can be tracked, incorporating this information with the known value of each inventory provides you with clear picture of your business’s profit and loss data

Thereby resulting you to track sales day-to- day.

Sales Analysis Track rising food costs automatically

Purchasing and Ordering

It is always beneficial to have a powerful back -of-the -house foodservice tool to ensure the smooth running of your operation.

  • It helps to generate orders based on par levels
  • Mobile tablet can be used for ordering
  • Track purchasing in detail and summary
  • Convert orders into invoice instantaneously
  • Compare vendor bids

Our excellent inventory features includes

  • Track increase in food costs automatically
  • Compare vendor pricing easily- purchases or bids
  • Use mobile tablet for inventory taking
  • Customized reports on purchases, bids, and credits can be generated easily
  • Automatically track activity based on purchases and sales
  • Calculate overall percentage of food cost
  • Unlimited capacity for adding additional ingredients
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