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Why School Smart Cards?

  • All student data merged in to a single card
  • Efficient student tracking
  • Strengthens student security
  • Advanced form of attendance marking
  • Library activities simplified
  • Ease to access instead of cash
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How School Smart Cards help Students

Get a ride

Mark attendance

Get enlightened

Make Payments

How School smart cards simplify the life of STUDENTS, PARENTS and SCHOOL AUTHORITIES

What students can do with it?
  • Borrow a book from library
  • Pay for School Bus
  • Mark Attendance
  • Make Payments
What Parents can do with it?
  • Real time tracking and updates on child’s location.
  • Keep track of each transaction.
  • Keep track of student expenses
For school authorities and teachers
  • Real time location information
  • Managing students on campus made easier
  • Marking student attendance is way simpler
  • Assure maximum security to your students
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Smart Card Printing

Do you want to print ID cards on RFID Smart Cards or plain Cards? We offer Smart Card Printing services in bulk for schools, colleges and offices as well.

  • Photo ID Cards
  • Time and access Cards
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