11 Awesome Everyday Smart Card Applications

December 11, 2019

The advent of smart card applications has created a revolution in modern human life. It has become commonplace in our lives and culture.

A smart cardis simply a plastic card with an embedded microchip that can load data. These cards have improved the convenience and security of day to day transactions of people for online payments, shopping, business purposes, etc.

The security benefits of smart cards are also high. The impact of these cards is reflected in every sector of daily activities. Let’s have a look at the smart card applications in our everyday life.

Some smart card applications include:

1) SIM cards and Telecommunication.

One of the beneficial smart card applications is the development of SIM cards(Subscriber Identity Module). These help unique identification modules for each user.

These smart cards contain specific data of each subscriber making it easy to identify them specifically for billing and other purposes.

The unique data stored can be used to manage the rights and privileges of each user on different networks.

Smart cards allow secure subscriber authentication, roaming across networks and secure mobile value-added services. Wireless providers enjoy the benefit of reduced treachery with the help of security offered by smart cards.

2) Physical access

There are identity cards for both employees and students in all types of businesses and universities. The purpose is to grant access to certain equipment, data, and departments as per one’s needs. These cards contain identity details of all users which can be checked and scanned.

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These cards can be securely used for physical access allowing access only to authorized users. For highly secured organizations, these smart card applications act as a tamper-proof device for storing information such as the user’s fingerprint, image, etc.

3) Domestic purposes

The most commonly used smart cards for domestic purposes are DTH cards. These cards provide authorized access to information receiving from satellites. The information received by these cards gets encrypted and decrypted within it.

4)Government Applications 

The government of India issues identity cards to all citizens. It includes details of all basic information about an individual. An example of such cards is “Aadhar cards” provided to all citizens.

5) Banking and retail

Smart banking cards are being used widely by all of us for our day to day purposes.

These include the credit cards, debit cards or stored value cards offering a counterfeit or tamper-proof device.

These cards and readers use mutual authentication, preventing fraudulent use. Try using this smart card application.

Smart cards are also used for loyalty and electronic coupons.

6)    Electronic Purse

Smart cards are used to value monetary amounts for small purchases.

These smart card readers recover the amount currently stored and reduce the amount used by the customers to make the purchase.

Cafeterias, vending machines parking, transportation tickets, taxis, groceries are some of the areas which do not reach amounts to justify the hassle of using credit cards.

7)    Health care

The advent of smart cards in health care sectors has allowed hospitals to securely store patients’ medical reports safely and reliably.

It helps authorities to access information quickly, can update if required, immediate insurance processing, and refunds. Another advantage of this is, compliance with government authorities for organ donation programs, etc.

8)    ID Verification and access control

Smart cards are used for identity verification purposes. It allows mutual authentication and public-key encryption software to identify the cardholder.

These smart card applications also store personal information including fingerprint or user’s picture.

9)  Schools

In the present-day educational system, smart cards are being used in schools. These cards are very beneficial for students, parents, school authorities, etc.

Student details are securely saved in this. Smart card applications in school help in physical access, tracking, for buying things from canteens, school stationery shops, library, fee payments, etc.

10) Computer & Network Security

Computers have begun using smart cards instead of user names and passwords. Using these cards, users can be authenticated and authorized to specific data based on preset privileges.

11) Securing digital content and Physical Assets

The smart card helps to ensure greater security of services and equipment by giving access to authorized users only.

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With the help of satellite or cable, information and entertainment is delivered. By using smart cards, home delivery of service is encrypted and decrypted.

It acts as the key to machine settings for laboratory equipment and dispensers. In some cases, digital content is protected using smart card enabled SD and micro SD cards.

To sum up

Smart cards are undeniably useful for every type of organization.  It offers a secure and private environment for the storage of information.

Also, it provides different facilities to users as well as organizations such as access and control. Thus, the introduction of smart cards is a boon to organizations as it significantly contributes to the growth and development of the organizations.

Smart Cards: Definition, Types and Examples

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