Cashless Payment

Deprive your ward of carrying money to school.
Try Cashless payment feature in Smart Cards!!!


Students no longer need to carry money to school
Students can access Smart cards in school canteen, school stationery shop
Can be used in school library for paying fines
Parents can credit money in Smart cards as required
Parents get notified when their ward accesses cashless payment feature
Parents can easily pay school fee and bus fee
Benefits for School Management
Lower time and effort
User friendly
Saves paper work
Reduce manual effort
Benefits for Parents
Quick and easy way to pay school and bus fees
Consumes less time
Benefits for Students
Reduce the risk of theft
Can easily pay library fine
Can be used in school canteen for buying foods
Can be used in school stationery shop to buy books, pens etc

Point of Sale Apps

One of the most crucial elements of our Cashless Payment System is our POS Apps.When carrying out transactions using Smart Cards, parents, staff and students are using our POS facility which has two key interfaces - one the web and other on mobile. It is through this facility that cashless payment works for school library, canteen, stationary shop etc.

Web App

The web app provides an interface for the school admin to be in control of back end purposes such as adding users, creating stores, categories and products respectively. They can also use it to manage each point of sales, cashiers and generate various monthly reports.

Mobile App

Be it the Cashier at the Canteen or the Library or any point of sale in the school, the SchoolSmartCards POS App will make it easy for them to connect to the School ERP and inventory, collect payment and keep track of all purchases. It’s easy for school administration too as each cashier can have a different user profile for better management.




Yes, parents can check the amount left and can credit as well.

Parents can get to know in detail regarding the money spent by your ward in school.

Yes, you can conveniently pay school and bus fee through online payment using cashless payment feature in Smart Cards.

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